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wood wax oil Easy brush environmental DIY

Wood wax oil packaging (2)


       wood wax oil Easy brush environmental DIY


Item No 


 A-001 oil on wood
Ingrediet  Natural vegetable oil- based materials, lead additives, benzene solvent, mildew active ingredient


Colorless ( can be Colored)


 2.5L/bottle   4 bottle/carton
Store life


 store in cool places and keep more than 2 years



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(1)Description: Garden wood oil is refined from natural vegetable oil, and vegetable wax, 

                which can foam a durable protective layer on the surface of wood products.


(2)  Application: This series of products suitable for the outdoors has manufactured molded 

                          wooden platform, wooden doors and windows, fences, leisure furniture

                           and other wooden structures.


(3)  Use: Open cans ready to use without dilution. Stir with a fine sandpaper wood, brushing 

               directly;  the first two road brushing the bottom must be completely dry, or it will not 

               do, the film off, fade, anti-white, loss of light and so on.




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1.Open cans ready to use without dilution.

2. Stir with a fine sandpaper wood, brushing directly; 

3.The first two road brushing the bottom must be completely dry, or it will not do, the film off, fade, anti-white, loss of light and so on.


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Q1: Although the wood wax oil smell is small, still have smell, why?


Answer:  The odor of wood wax is smell of plant resin, it is no harm to health. And Compared with paint and similar wood wax in the market, this smell of wood wax is very very small. And recomend you brush thin coating to ensure first time dry. and brush second time. After that, keep it vantilated, and do not brush in the rainning day.


Q2: What’s differences between Wood and  Paint?

Answer: Brush paint over wood surface have a thick layer of paint, the sealed timber, it can not be freely adjusted according to the temperature change, so outdoor use can easily peeling paint, easily crack. Brush wood wax, not sealed timber, it will penetrate into the wood, nouris, corrosion proof, resistant to ultraviolet rays.


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