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The newest wall decor–YISENNI wall coating,metallic wall paint,diamond coatings

Huanwei Decorative Material Co.,ltd:  established in 2008 is located in the Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, which covers an area of 1,400 square meters.We are the manufacter from China.Ours brand is YISENNI.Now we have three kinds of products–YISENNI wall coating,YISENNI metallic wall paint,YISENNI diamond coatings.


YISENNI wall coating:the material is biodegradable fibers like as cotton fiber,wood fiber….It is used for interior wall. Have more than 130kinds of colors.lkg product can cover 4-5 square meters.Only need to add water,then apply on the wall.It is so easy.It is the newest,natural and DIY liquid wallpaper in nowadays.This kind of product have many advantages.Like as heat insulation,sound insulation…It have 10years warranty(don’t cover misuse and misapply).And the repair is very easy ,only spray a little water,then repair without gap.Pls see this video for your better understand.Thanks!

YISENNI metallic wall paint:This is ours new product.We have 30 kinds colors. lkg product can cover about 20 square meters.It is very economic.This is kind of product give us a luxury performance.The minimun quantity is 1000kG,because only can delivery by sea.Pls see the link:

YISENNI diamond :the material is emulsion and laser films.It is 12kinds colorsIt is used for exterior and interior wall. lkg product can cover 2-3 square meters.Only need to add a little water,then apply on the wall.It is so easy
.The product  showing a diamond-like luster.The minimun quantity is 1000kG,because only can delivery by sea.Pls see this link:


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