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YISENNI liquid wallpaper–New silk dressing for your walls

We are manufacturer come from China who specialized in a kind of new interior wall decorative material called YISENNI liquid wallpaper–a kind of natural,environmental,zero VOC’s and DIY cotton wallpaper.



Applications Scope: interior wall decoration

It can not only be used for the decoration of houses but also the public decoration, such as TV backdrop, parlor, bedroom, study, corridor, hotel rooms, KTV rooms, hotel lobby, hotel parlor, image wall for beauty parlor, clothing store decoration, gyms, cafes and opera, etc.



















Composition materials: wood fiber, cotton fiber, paper pulp, laser sequins, mineral pieces, etc










Packing details:      

Outer packing: corrugated carton

Inner packing: PE plastic bag

Construction area:1 kg cover 4-5 square meters on the wall.

Delivery condition: FOB Zhongshan China

Delivery time: according to the quantity. If smaller than 20ft container, delivery time is 3 days after get full payment.20ft container is 30days after get the deposit.

Construction method:It is easy to apply on the wall.You can sak us or see below video.Thanks!

Benefits and Features :

1- DIY product, quick and easy apply

2- Natural Material

3- Seamless covering, flexible

4- Hide uneven, faded walls

5- Ready to use, repairable, long lasting

6- Easy to Handle

7- Antistatic, heat insulation, sound insulation

8- Control moisture in the room

9- Allow walls to breath

10- No limits to gesign or creativity

11- Inflammable material

12- No costly tools needed for applying

13- Work break is Possible

14- Odorless product

15- Cover small hole and crack

16- Color fastness

17- Smooth rough surfaces

18- Zero VOC’s















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