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Bring the breath for spring–YISENNI liquid wallpaper

Spring is the best reason for decoration your house.And ours products–YISENNI liquid wallpaper bring the breath of spring.

The temperatures and humidity in Spring are very moderate,the wood products and gypsum products used in the decoration, after the completion is not easy deformation-shaped crack. The mortar, and cement, used for paste tile, due to the temperature and moisture, but also difficult to lose label, makes tile adhesives more solid.Ater brushing paint and latex paint, It is faster for volatile, dry and flatness better.





















It is conducive to controll wood material moisture content to below 13% in Spring weather conditions.If exceed this standard for most of wood, its thermal expansion and contraction of the change is very obvious, thus affecting the quality of construction. Such as the door making in the summer, the door easy to loosening and fracture in the winter,; door making in the winter, it will not closed in the rainy season. Spring,weather is warm and windows can open for ventilation, paints evaporates faster, shorten the duration comparable construction three or four days compair construction in Summer.

When you want to find a natural,environmental,green wall material for you decoration in the Spring.YISENNI liquid wallpaper is the best wallpaper for you.In the green Spring,Green Wall material make your house more confortable,vitality,environmental and breath.

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