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The perfect combination of YISENNI wall coating and plaster cornices

Plaster Cornices:

Plaster cornices is a popular decoration material in the field of interior decoration materials,with a variety of patterns,beautiful practical and inexpensive.The features is fireproof, moistureproof, antistatic, heat insulation, sound insulation.The most important feature of plaster cornices is bring luxury effect for us.But in the to reflect this luxury feature need to be set off the surrounding wall decorations.



wall coating:

Wall coating is exceptional finishing material for interior design. It is a silk and cotton liquid wallpaper of the new generation.Wall coating made only from environmentally friendly and healthy raw components.It hides minor surface defects and cracks, unlike traditional wallpaper, no peel off and no joints. Wall coating can be applied to any surface relief, columns, ceilings, arches. The features is wear-resistant decorative material, odorless liquid wallpaper, sound insulation plaster and thermal insulation plaster.But only use wall coating,can’t reflect this features comprehensive.



















So,plaster cornices and wall coating promote each other. Both products combine showing the simple yet luxurious decorative effect.



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