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The brief description about YISENNI wall coating

YISENNI wall coating construction steps


     1st step:Put wall coating into huge plastic container.






2nd step: add the clean water.1kg products need 6-7L water.


3rd step: mix it by hand,after mixed, immerse it about 1-2 hours,mix again before construction




4th step: put wall coating materials on the wall

5th step: use the roller make it uniform, Control the thickness in 1-2mm

6th step: Use plastic make wall smooth and deal with the edge of the Conner. 24-48hours after construction.After dry, then finish .



Wall coating FAQ:

1.Q:What is composition?

A: Composition:wood fiber, cotton fiber, paper pulp, laser sequins, mineral pieces, etc

2.Q:How many square meters can each bag cover by roller and spray gun?
A:Depend on the model can covers from 4 to 5 square meters by roller.By spray gun can cover 3sqm. much water for 1 kg of product for roller applying or spray gun applying
A:Generally speaking,1kg products need 6-7Lwater use roller or spray gun.

4.Q:Is there any warranty for it?
A:Yes it has 10 years warranty for color fastness and lasting on wall.The warranty doesn’t cover misuse or misapply

YISENNI silk plaster

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